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Our Work

Check out photos of our work in South Jersey below, or click here to see a list of shingle colors with a Google map that we installed in Moorestown, NJ.

  • Roofers Working on a New Roof in South Jersey
  • DJK Roofing's Roofers Working in South Jersey
  • Residential Roof in Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Residential Roof Replacement in Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Roofing in Moorestown, NJ - Roofer on Top of Home
  • Roofing in Moorestown, NJ - Side House with Roofer
  • Roofing in Moorestown, NJ - Finished Work
  • Roofing in Moorestown, NJ - Steeple
  • Roofing in Moorestown, NJ - Finished Roofing Job
  • Roofing in Moorestown, NJ - Corner House
  • Roofing in Moorestown, NJ - Close Up with Worker
  • Roofing in Moorestown, NJ - Precision Shingle Work in Tough Spots
  • Roof Replacement at Wawa in NJ - Almost Completed
  • Roof Replacement at Wawa in NJ - Tear Off
  • Roof Replacement at Wawa in NJ - Clean Job Site
  • Roof Replacement at Wawa in NJ - Crane Delivery
  • Roof Replacement at Wawa in NJ - Removing Shingles
  • Roof Replacement at Wawa in NJ - Keeping Grounds Clean
  • Our Roofing Work in Moorestown, NJ
  • Shingle Roof in Moorestown, NJ
  • New Shingle Roof Replacement in Moorestown, NJ
  • Example of Roofing in Moorestown, NJ
  • Starting a Roofing Job in Moorestown, NJ
  • Our Roofing Work in Eastampton, NJ
  • DJK Roofing Working in Moorestown, NJ
  • Residential Roofing Contractor NJ
  • DJK Roofing in South Jersey
  • Roofers Working in Moorestown, NJ
  • Roofing Contractor in NJ - Residential
  • IMG_1113
  • IMG_1112
  • IMG_1111
  • residential-roofing-2
  • residential-roofing-1
  • residential-roofing-4
  • residential-roofing-3
  • residential-roofing-5
  • djk-work-large-10
  • djk-work-large-9
  • djk-work-large-11
  • djk-work-large-12
  • djk-work-large-18

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PLEASE NOTE: As a small company, we focus exclusively on residential roof replacement and not minor repairs

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*** Ask Your Roofer About Their Insurance *** We have 100% roofing insurance. Many general contractors and companies do not have the same level of coverage for roofing, putting you at risk. Rest assured, you will be totally covered & protected choosing us as your South Jersey roofer!
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