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Archive for Roofing Maintenance

Hiring a Roofing Contractor

If you need a new roof, the first step in your search for a roofing contractor may be based on the potential cost of the project. While the cost and estimated project time (from start to completion) are important factors, the most important will undoubtedly be the quality of the work. With an eye on quality, here are a few points to note when considering potential contractors.

Is the contractor certified, licensed and insured?

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Remove Snow to Prevent a Roof Collapse

Snow during the winter season can weigh you down; it can also impact the roof of ones home in a serious manner. Here are a few helpful signs and suggestions that may help you avoid roof damage.

Depending on the amount of moisture content, the weight of snow can vary. Needless to say the heavier the load the higher the risk. An important aspect to consider is the slope. A flat or slight slope will allow snow to accumulate. This accumulation can compromise the structural integrity and cause damage. Conversely, a steep slope allows snow to slide off; relieving the potential pressure of a thick covering.

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