Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Nov 3, 2017 | Hiring a Contractor, Roofing Maintenance

If you need a new roof, the first step in your search for a roofing contractor may be based on the potential cost of the project. While the cost and estimated project time (from start to completion) are important factors, the most important will undoubtedly be the quality of the work. With an eye on quality, here are a few points to note when considering potential contractors.

Is the contractor certified, licensed and insured?

These three components will speak volumes regarding the expected quality of their work. A license serves as the government’s stamp of approval regarding the quality of the work. Similarly, certification is given by the companies whom produce roofing materials and acknowledge that the contractor understands how properly work with and install these materials. These certifications go hand in hand with the warranty process. Whether it is provided by the company or conversely by the contractor.

Insurance is another key issue, that needs to be confirmed making sure that the contractor has comprehensive liability for any damage that occurs on your property; that he also is insured for Worker’s compensation if a worker is injured on the job. Finally, does the contractor provide Complete Operations insurance?

After seeing that a contractor is properly certified, insured, and licensed, you may have questions about the materials, and process that an experienced contractor should be able to answer. These answers will give you insight and expectations as to how the job will likely progress.

You may request feedback/recommendations from former customers particularly in and around your locale. This personal information will further assure the quality of the work. Furthermore, you can check out the roofs with your own eyes. Seeing that a job which was completed years back is still in good shape is an excellent indicator that the quality of work is high.

In your search for a roofing contractor, is important to delve deeper than cost and speed making sure that the company has proper quality assurances and insurance backing and ideally a positive track record with former customers/clients.

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