Remove Snow to Prevent a Roof Collapse

Nov 3, 2017 | Roofing Maintenance, Roofing Repair, Weather Damage

Snow during the winter season can weigh you down; it can also impact the roof of ones home in a serious manner. Here are a few helpful signs and suggestions that may help you avoid roof damage.

Depending on the amount of moisture content, the weight of snow can vary. Needless to say the heavier the load the higher the risk. An important aspect to consider is the slope. A flat or slight slope will allow snow to accumulate. This accumulation can compromise the structural integrity and cause damage. Conversely, a steep slope allows snow to slide off; relieving the potential pressure of a thick covering.

Snow removal is an important element in maintaining a structurally sound roof, particularly when the winter is harsh like it is in New Jersey this year. Aside from the weight, melting snow can back up in the gutter, creating ice dams. With nowhere for the water to escape, it can go under the shingles causing the wood structure to become a breeding ground for mold or rot when the weather warms up. A preventive measure that may help is proper insulation in the attic area, holding heat in throughout the evening and facilitating faster melting on the roof during the day.

It may appear that getting up on the roof and removing the snow is the next logical step. However, accomplishing this feat is more complicated than it may initially appear. Placing additional weight on the roof may be the straw that breaks the roof’s back so to speak.

Furthermore, depending on slope and icy/snow buildup it could be difficult to navigate, placing yourself in a hazardous and potentially deadly condition. Not to mention that the removal process could unintentionally cause damage to the shingles or structure.

A roof rake is an excellent tool that can be used from the ground to remove excess snow and ice. However, in the end because of the dangerous potential and unknown extent of damage, it may be in one’s best interest to hire an experienced professional that understands what to look for and how to remove the snow/ice. They will be able to further assess any damage that would require an experienced roofing contractor.

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